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The Caviar Facial
A customized unique skin care experience that promotes a youthful radiant glow. Caviar bio-complex uses anti-aging peptides to lift, firm and transform your complexion restoring harmony and balance to your skin.
50-Minute Caviar Facial | $139
80-Minute Caviar Facial | $169

Mother's Day Bonus
All moms receive one free Hylunia product with the Caviar Facial on May 12, 2019, while supplies last.

Your Journey to Radiant Skin Begins with Spa Aquae
May 12, 2019

Meet with our Hylunia Skincare Specialist for a personal consultation from 10am – 12pm

Vino & Vinyasa

Join us for Vino & Vinyasa
in our motion studio.

May 15, 2019 at 7 pm

Registration is only $10 and class space is limited.

For a limited time, book these specials Monday - Thursday:

50-Minute Swedish Massage | $75

Spa Aquae Sampler Massage and Facial
25 minute massage + 25 minute facial |$100

Sip and Savor
Enjoy a complimentary Mimosa with a Soothe your Sole foot massage | $50

Bamboo Massage

Bamboo symbolize life, energy, and prosperity. This rejuvenating massage uses heated bamboo stalks, focusing on the release of highly tensioned muscles to alleviate unwanted knots.

5o minutes / 80 minutes
Monday - Thursday: $190 / $235
Friday - Sunday: $195 / $240

Signature Facial

A personalized experience designed to restore tranquility. Allow our esthetic artisans to tailor this regimen to your needs. Reserve an 80-minute facial and receive a complimentary anti-aging hand treatment.

80 minutes
Monday – Thursday: $215
Friday – Sunday: $220

Short & Sweet

This classic nail treatment shapes, buffs and glosses nails to perfection. The perfect treat to keep your hands and feet looking their best.

25 minutes $45

50 minutes $75

When in doubt, #plankitout:

Summer is approaching and abdominal work is a must to help us get closer to our summer body goals. We often make the mistake of thinking doing more, in terms of exercise, will give us better results. However, sometimes the humblest of movements result in the greatest gains and this is certainly demonstrated with planks. Increasing the variations will add intensity but, no matter what variant you choose the results will always equate to core strength. Here are the top four benefits of performing planks:

  • A Toned Belly - Planking will help build your deep inner core muscles that lay the groundwork for that six-pack look. As your abdominal muscles become stronger, your mid-section will tighten
  • Reduce Back Pain - Planks work for back pain because they strengthen your core, which has the pleasant “side effect” of reducing back pain. They also strengthen your back muscles, especially those in your upper back. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE):2
  • Flexibility - While building strength, planks also increase flexibility in your posterior muscle groups. The muscles around your shoulders, collarbone, and shoulder blades will expand and stretch (an area that often receives little attention), as will your hamstrings and even the arches of your feet and your toes.
  • Improve Your Mood - Virtually every exercise has the potential to give you a mood boost, and planks are no exception. Planks are unique, however, in that they help stretch and ultimately relax muscles groups that often become stiff and tense from prolonged sitting.

Now Featuring Image Skincare!

Farmhouse Fresh Honey Lavender Scrub

Ageless Travel Kit

Restore, revitalize, and rejuvenate.

1 fl. oz.  $36

Farmhouse Fresh Fluffy Bunny

The Max Stem Cell Neck Lift

This ultra-firming neck and décolletage lifting crème targets sagging and lax skin, deep creases, wrinkles and fine lines.

2 oz. $110

Kopari Body Glow

Total Pure Hyaluronic Filler

This concentrated topical filler delivers an immediate, noticeable boost of hydration. Fill in lines without an injection.

1 oz. $82

Kopari Body Glow

Total Eye Lift Crème

This luxurious lifting eye crème resurfaces and visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines.

0.5 oz. $55

Kopari Body Glow

Biomolecular Hydrating Recovery Mask

This next-generation ultra-hydrating sheet mask infuses skin with a synergistic blend of volcanic water, ginseng root extract, amino acids and antioxidants for the ultimate skin rejuvenation. This revolutionary mask was developed to increase delivery of active ingredients to lift, brighten and deeply hydrate skin after a single application.


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